How Capable Is the 2018 Land Rover Evoque? Check Out This Stunt

Recently, Land Rover put on a little stunt to demonstrate the awesome capability—be it urban or country—and it had some other motorists a little perplexed, but the 2018 Land Rover Evoque wasn't pressed at all. With a clever approach and awesome ground clearance, the 2018 Land Rover Evoque deftly navigates this sudden urban obstacle with ease. Other motorists? Not so much. Check out the video below, then join us at Land Rover Anaheim Hills for an admittedly less vertical test drive.

What Makes the 2018 Range Rover Evoque So Confident & Capable?

Born in the wild, but adapted to the city, there's not much that can stand in the way of the 2018 Evoque—not even a very oversized speed bump! Here's what gives the 2018 Evoque an edge:

  • Approach Angle: With a 23.2° approach angle, getting over giant-sized speed bumps is no problem at all.
  • Ground Clearance: Ground clearance stands at a standard 8.3-inches.
  • Powerful Engine: There's only one engine in the 2018 Evoque, but thankfully it's a 2.0-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder rated at 237 horsepower.

Capability is easy to come by in the Land Rover lineup, especially in the small-but-mighty 2018 Land Rover Evoque. Available as a 5-door or a convertible, there's plenty to get up to both in the city and out in the hills, so get your Land Rover Evoque today and start navigating the city streets like a boss.

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