New Land Rover Dog and Pet Friendly Accessories Coming to the United States!

Your Land Rover SUV and your dog should be a match made in heaven, but with the dirt your dog tracks in, the fur or hair it sheds and the general comfort and accessibility for your dog in question, you might end up leaving your furry friend at home rather than bringing them along on the trip. With the new offerings of pet friendly Land Rover accessories coming soon, you'll no longer have to worry about the cleanliness, comfort or safety of your dog on your next adventure. The Pet Load Space Protection Pack, Pet Transportation Pack and Pet Care and Access Pack are all going to be available for you to equip your Land Rover vehicle with a special place for you pet!

The Pet Load Space Protection Pack, Pet Transportation Pack and Pet Care Pack combine to offer a quilted liner for your cargo space, making the floor more comfortable while also preventing any hair or dirt to get on your carpet of upholstery, as well as a full-height luggage partition and a spill-resistant water bowl. The Pet Transportation pack adds a foldable pet carrier and a load space rubber mat, while the Access Pack throws in an access ramp, making it an easy climb up or down a ramp to enter or exit the pet space. The Ramp is designed for smaller and older dogs that can't gain access to the cargo area on their own, and can support up to 187 pounds.

At Land Rover Anaheim Hills, we know how important your pets are to you, and we want to make sure that they have a designated space to be comfortable and accommodated. We welcome you to contact us with inquiries about the new Land Rover pet friendly accessories and we'll get you everything you need to make sure your pets are comfortable and taken care of in no time!

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