Return My Car

Looking to get out or just switch – Now it’s your turn.  Even if you’re still making loan or lease payments, we want to buy your car. And Rusnak is motivated to give you our maximum value based on current market conditions. We’ve helped many customers already by paying off their leases and finance contracts. And by selling their car to Rusnak, many incur no lease end fees or charges due.

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*Vehicle valuation contingent on dealer inspection. Not all customers will have positive equity in their current lease or financed vehicle. Factors that may affect vehicle values include but are not limited to higher than normal mileage, prior accident damage, accessories, and negative equity. Any amount you owe which is more than the amount allowed on your trade-in will be added to the new amount financed, subject to credit approval.

Can You Return Your Car to the Dealership? Rusnak Makes it Easy!

Whether you’ve been financing or leasing your current vehicle, you deserve to move up with a new or new-to-you car that satisfies all of your needs and wants. That’s the spirit behind our new Return My Car program, which allows you to complete your Land Rover lease return or end your current Land Rover financing plan—even if you haven’t finished paying everything off. That’s right: our Return My Car program is the Land Rover trade-in assistance that you’ve been searching for. Don’t wait to start a new adventure!

So, can you return your car to our dealership? Can you return a leased car early? Yes, you absolutely can—and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you enjoy a fee-free upgrade. Turning in a leased car early has never been easier, and even trading in a financed car early is bound to leave you with a lasting smile!

Take Advantage of Our Land Rover Trade-In Assistance Program

Now that you’ve seen what Land Rover Anaheim Hills can do to help you end your Land Rover lease or your Land Rover financing plan early, we’re sure that you’ll be eager to get started. Here’s what you can do to take the next steps today:

  • Value your trade-in with our dealership. Our easy-to-use tool will tell you what your trade-in car is worth—but you might end up receiving even more when you take advantage of our Return My Car program. Fill out the form seen above if you’re interested in participating!
  • Find the perfect new or new-to-you model in our Anaheim inventory. If you prefer, you can even drive in from Orange County or Corona and look over our selection in person.
  • Calculate your monthly payments and apply for financing online!

If you have any questions about ending a financing agreement, turning in a leased car early, or our Return My Car program, you can contact us now or pay us a visit at any time. We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Los Angeles.