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Whether you’re planning to custom-order a new Range Rover or you’re searching for the perfect model on lots near Los Angeles, it’s impossible to overstate the variety offered by the vast array of Range Rover paint colors, upholsteries, finishes, wheels, and trims! Just about every Range Rover driver wants to bring home a model that feels genuinely unique, and if you’re in the same boat, then our comprehensive guide to the Range Rover colors and style options can show you everything you need to know!

2023 Range Rover Paint Colors

With more than two-dozen Range Rover SE colors to consider, it’s easy to find a model that feels like a reflection of your personality—even if you decide to stick with the baseline trim. The range of colors stays the same as you move down the lineup, so you can use the following list to inform your purchase no matter which build you’re considering:

Solid Paint

  • Fuji White

Metallic Paint

  • Santorini Black
  • Eiger Grey
  • Portofino Blue
  • Lantau Bronze
  • Hakuba Silver
  • Belgravia Green

Premium Metallic Paint

  • Carpathian Grey
  • Silicon Silver
  • Batumi Gold
  • Charente Grey

SV Bespoke Ultra Metallic Paint

  • British Racing Green
  • Ligurian Black
  • Flux Silver
  • Ethereal Frost Silver
  • Velocity Blue
  • Constellation Blue
  • Ionian Silver
  • Sunset Gold
  • Amethyst Grey-Purple
  • Petrolix Blue
  • Tourmaline Brown
  • Sanguinello Orange

SV Bespoke Special Effect Paint

  • Icy White

If you select one of the SV Bespoke Ultra Metallic or SV Bespoke Special Effect paint colors, you can select from Gloss and Satin finishes when you’re finalizing your model.

2023 Range Rover Interior Colors

Windsor leather, semi-aniline leather, Ultrafabrics™, and Kvadrat™ are just a few of the classic and innovative materials that can be found in the cabin of the Range Rover. Although availability may be subject to change, the fabrics seen above can generally be paired with any of the following Range Rover interior colors:

  • Ebony/Ebony
  • Ebony/Perlino
  • Caraway/Caraway
  • Perlino/Perlino
  • Ecru/Ecru
  • Deep Garnet/Deep Garnet

Range Rover Colors: Roof, Wheels, Headlining & Trims

You’ve had a chance to explore the colors and materials that make the Range Rover one-of-a-kind, but we’ve only just scratched the surface of the options you’ll need to consider when building a model of your own! The following roof options, wheels, finishes, and trims are all available on the base SE trim level—and even more options become available as you move down the line.

  • Roof: Body-Colored Roof with a Sliding Panorama Moonroof (Standard), Black Contrast Roof (Optional)
  • Wheels: 21-inch Wheels (Standard), 22-inch Wheels (Optional), 23-inch Wheels (Optional); Each wheel option is available in multiple colors and styles.
  • Exterior Visual Packs: Nickel Atlas Exterior Pack (Standard), Shadow Exterior Pack (Optional)
  • Headlining: Duo-Tone Ebony/Perlino Headlining (Standard), Ebony Headlining (Optional), Perlino Headlining (Optional)
  • Trim/Finishing: Natural Brown Walnut Veneer (Standard), Natural Black Birch Veneer (Optional), Gloss Grand Black Veneer (Optional)

Want to learn more about the features that set the new Range Rover apart? Start by comparing it to a rival like the Cadillac Escalade.

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