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Should I Buy or Lease?

There are two ways to purchase a car—buying or leasing. When you choose to lease vs. buy, you should know that both have their advantages and disadvantages for Los Angeles drivers, which is why you should know the facts so you can make the choice that’s right for you. Land Rover Anaheim Hills is about to provide the leasing vs. buying facts, some great new cars to buy, and some lease specials too.



The Facts About Buying

Buying a car differs from leasing a car in one major way: if you choose to finance your car when you buy it (that is, you don’t pay cash), at the end of the loan term, you own your car free and clear, meaning you don’t have to pay a car payment anymore. Here are some advantages when you buy a car:

  • You aren’t restricted by a mileage limit, meaning if you’re a heavy driver in Orange County, you won’t run smack dab into a stratospheric per mile charge.
  • You can customize your car as you see fit with accessories, custom parts, a new paint job, or whatever you see fit. A lease deal won’t allow you to do this.
  • You own the car at the end of the loan term, lowering the total cost of ownership over time and giving you more flexibility for when you want to buy your next car.
  • You can sell the car at any time if you think that the car you purchased isn’t right for you, while your hands are much more tied when it comes to leasing.

The Facts About Leasing

Leasing a car is more like an extended rental, where you have a car for a set period of time and pay monthly payments for a set term, with your car going back to the dealership at the end of the term. Here are the advantages of a lease vs. buying:

  • You’re going to lower how much you pay each month, because monthly payments and your down payment will be smaller in most cases. However, you should run the numbers based on your vehicle and lease terms.
  • You’re going to be paying less in sales tax because when you lease, you just have to pay tax on your down payment and monthly payments.
  • When it’s time to trade-in your vehicle, it’s a breeze. You just have to pay off the rest of the fees, sign your next lease, and drive away in your next car.
  • When you get a lease, you’re getting better warranty coverage that takes care of maintenance and minor repairs while you’re in your lease limits.
  • You’ve got a wider range of options when you lease, meaning if you’re interested in bringing the best technology or luxury features to your Corona driveway, leasing’s your best bet.

Land Rover Anaheim Hills: Car Shopping Experts

Whether you’re buying or leasing and no matter what type of life you lead, there’s a car that’s right for you on our roster. We are dedicated car professionals whose first priority is finding a vehicle that suits your needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our models, financing options, and even Range Rover lease options. We can also help you learn more about Land Rover InControl® technologies and more! Contact us today with any questions.

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