Why is My Land Rover Overheating?

Engine Overheating

Smoke pouring from under the hood without warning has prompted more than a few drivers to ask a critical question: Why is my car overheating? The cause of this issue won’t necessarily be clear right away—but if your Land Rover is overheating, it’s likely that the problem stems from your cooling system or radiator.

Your car’s temperature should remain between 195 and 200 degrees for your safety, and to prevent damage as you drive in Los Angeles. Before you try to answer the question, “Why would a car overheat?”, you need to take action (or stop what you’re doing) to prevent further damage from occurring. In the guide below, we’ll take a close look at the reasons a car would overheat, what to do when a car overheats, and how to get the expert help you need!

What to Do When a Car Overheats

Often, drivers don’t notice radiator or cooling system problems until there are clear signs of overheating — but many issues can be prevented with routine maintenance checks! A certified Land Rover technician can tell you if your car is losing coolant — before your engine overheats. Otherwise, here’s what to do when a car overheats on the road in Corona.:

  • Turn off the air conditioning and crank the heat up high. This will help remove heat from your engine block.
  • Pull over and turn off your car ASAP. Then wait 30 minutes before opening the hood.
  • Locate an auto repair shop. If it’s minutes away, wait for your car to cool down and drive there. If it’s after hours or your car can’t make the drive, call Land Rover Roadside Assistance or an independent towing service.

What NOT to Do When Your Car Overheats

Safety should be your top concern if you see that your car is overheating. Knowing what to do when a car overheats also means knowing what NOT to do. Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t panic! Even though right now you want to know, why is my car overheating? — it’s more important that you find a safe place to pull over. Keep in mind that continuing to drive in Corona while your car is overheating risks long-term (and costly) damage to your Land Rover vehicle.
  • Wait before opening the hood. Elevated engine temperature is one of the main reasons a car would overheat, so your hood may be hot enough to burn your skin.
  • Unless you’re a mechanic, don’t try to fix an overheating engine yourself!
  • If you decide not to call a tow service, wait for your engine to cool down before driving. More importantly, make sure that the nearest Orange County service center is minutes away. Otherwise, have your car towed to a Land Rover Anaheim service center.

What Causes a Car to Overheat?

First off, what does it mean when your car is overheating? High engine temperature could signal a major problem — and should be addressed ASAP. Various systems inside your car contribute to temperature regulation. When one of these loses efficacy, the result may be a spike in engine temperature. The more common reasons a car would overheat on the road in Orange County include:

  • Leaky Cooling System – Why is my car overheating? More often than not, a leak in the cooling system is your answer. This system is composed of a radiator, hoses, a water pump, a head gasket, and thermostat housing. If any of these components cracks, your car may leak coolant.
  • Coolant Hose Blockage – Or there could be another scourge in the coolant system: the blockage. Trapped dirt and debris may build up and prevent proper cooling function.
  • Improper Coolant Mixture – Like most vehicles, your Land Rover Velar requires a 50/50 water-to-coolant ratio. An improper coolant-to-water ratio (or the wrong coolant entirely) can result in overheating. If you’re unsure, speak with our trained service technicians about the ideal coolant mixture for your Land Rover!
  • Radiator Issues – Your radiator can also suffer from leaks and blockages. As with the cooling system, radiator problems can escalate quickly without prompt attention from a professional.
  • Broken Water Pump – A broken water pump is less serious than a broken radiator, but can still be what causes a car to overheat if it can’t effectively deliver coolant where it’s needed.

Rely on Land Rover Anaheim Hills for Certified Land Rover Service

What causes a car to overheat can be complex, and should usually be left to the experts! At Land Rover Anaheim Hills, we’ll take excellent care of your Range Rover so you can get straight back to your road-trip adventures. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more DIY service tips about tire rotation, oil changes, how to check your brake fluid, and additional tips like how Land Rover recalls work from the experts at Land Rover Anaheim Hills.